Remee Sleep Mask

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The key to initiating a lucid dream is being able to consciously recognize when you’re dreaming. So as with any lucid dream mask, Remee works by flashing a series of light patterns towards your closed eyelids while you’re in REM sleep.

Physical Warnings: YES : Photosensitivity, Epilepsy (diagnosed OR undiagnosed), Dizziness, altered vision, eye/ muscle twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, involuntary movement, convulsions. NO MEDICAL CLAIMS ARE MADE FOR THIS PRODUCT- EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. THIS IS NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE/ APPARATUS.

Material: Foam insert, 4 layers of variable foam for better airflow, reducing heat and sweat

Washable: Yes. Remove foam insert first. Hand wash,cool water with mild detergent. Lay flat to dry.

Available Colors: Black, Red, Blue

Scented: NO

Earplugs: NO

Carry Pouch: NO

Strap material: Elastic (wide) with Velcro

Battery Needed/ Included: Yes. CR2032: (lasts 4-6 months on average)

Assists in dreaming: YES

On-line App Instructions: YES

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