Liviliti Paptizer UV Sanitizer + Ozone FREE

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Paptizer Sterilizer Features:

  • Clean anything that fits inside the Paptizer- With the largest capacity on the market (11.9" X 10.59" X 6.06") you can clean everything from CPAP Supplies, to PPE Equipment to remote controls.
  • UVC LED kills germs, viruses, and bacteria by destroying the DNA and RNA structure. It is used in medical institutions everywhere, now available for you at home.
  • Multi-directional application - In many other models you have mirrored sides to reflect the UV light, but in the Paptizer there are 40 individual UV-C LEDs coming from 5 sides to ensure proper sterilization.
  • Quick and Effective - The Paptizer kills 99.9% of Viruses, Bacteria, and germs in just 3 minutes.
  • Simple Design - Simply place the items you want to sterilize inside the Paptizer and turn the unit on. 3 minutes later the items are sterile.

The Paptizer Smart CPAP Sanitizer by Liviliti Health Products is an easy and quick method to CPAP sanitizing without the use of ozone and is mercury free. 40 high power medical grade UV LEDs sanitize your CPAP mask, water chamber and accessories in as little as 3 minutes. It can also reduce unpleasant smells by decomposing the molecular structure of the odors. The Paptizer from Liviliti Health Products can be used on a wide variety of items such as face masks, cell phones, keys and other personal items. Clean anything that fits inside!

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