Dreampad Support Pillow

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The Dreampad Pillow comes in 4 different types.

(Firm Support Pillow, Medium Support Pillow, Slim Support Pillow,and Memory Support Pillow)

The Dreampad Pillow delivers music through gentle, calming vibration which only you can hear. This process brings about a relaxation response from the body and mind which has been aptly described as a “massage to the nervous system.”

The Dreampad reduces anxiety and improves sleep for multiple populations: from children and adults with light sleep issues to those experiencing developmental difficulties and trauma.

Hypoallergenic: YES

Material: (233 thread count) 100% cotton cover / pillow is foam, hypoallergenic and non-toxic

Washable: Pillow Case / cover- warm H2O, medium heat

Headphones/ Headbands: NO

App: Included and Needed (App Store or Android App Store)

Age limit: None noted

Earplugs: NO

Bluetooth: YES

Audio Plug: 3.5 Audio Jack / plug – from pillow to device- 6 ft cable included

Position required: NO, sleep on back or side (on back will require slightly higher volume)

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