Bleep DreamPort CPAP Mask Solution

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Say goodbye to waking up with headgear hair and red marks on the forehead and cheeks thanks to the Bleep CPAP Mask Solution! The Bleep Mask uses no headgear and connects to the nose using gentle adhesive seals to keep the mask in place and provide an ultra-reliable seal.

The Bleep Mask is also flexible enough to move with you throughout the night thanks to its innovative short tube design and can accommodate almost any sleeping position. It's one of the least intrusive masks on the market today, and it's great for anyone who may be an active sleeper or experiences issues with claustrophobia.

Manufactured by Bleep.

Product Features

Tired of having a bulky mask limiting what you can see or do before falling asleep? With the Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution Mask, you can easily use electronics, watch TV, or read a book. You may feel less closed in and claustrophobic than with other masks.

Product Features:

  • Headgear Free Comfort
  • Adhesive DreamPort Nose Covers Provide Superb Sealing
  • Hypoallergenic Mask is Latex-Free and Won't Cause Allergies
  • Designed to Fit Nearly Anyone
  • Lightweight and Gentle Mask Minimizes Claustrophobia
  • Short Tube Design Moves with You

No Headgear Means No Red Marks or Messy Hair

The Bleep DreamPort Mask's revolutionary design enables CPAP therapy without the annoyances commonly found with most headgear. You won't have to deal with unsightly red marks on your cheeks and forehead, and it won't mess up your hair while you sleep. You'll enjoy the benefits of CPAP therapy while not feeling the same firm pressure on your head while you sleep.

Adhesive DreamPort Nose Covers Provide Superb Sealing

The nostril covers used in the design of the mask are referred to as DreamPorts, and they're easy to put on and take off. For the best seal, it's important to make sure your nose is clean; with all oils, dirt, and makeup removed. You'd apply them just like you would a sticker to the base of the nostril and the side of the nose. Once attached, the Bleep Mask clips into place.

In testing, the seal can be maintained when moving throughout the night, and can accommodate pulling and tugging in different directions, provided the seals are applied correctly. It's a way to get a solid seal without needing silicone or cumbersome headgear.

Hypoallergenic Latex Free Design

The Bleep DreamPort Mask system won't cause any allergy flare-ups and is completely latex-free. The hypoallergenic design is great for anyone who has problems with allergies and will keep your therapy running and won't bother your nose.

Lightweight and Gentle Mask Minimizes Claustriophobia

For most people who experience feelings of claustrophobia while sleeping, the discomfort comes from feeling closed off or boxed in. The Bleep DreamPort Mask uses no headgear and creates a very wide-open field of vision, meaning you'd be less likely to feel the discomforting feelings you'd normally associate with claustrophobia.

Short Tube Design is Great for Active Sleepers

This mask uses a short tube design that moves with you while you sleep. This is a huge benefit for active sleepers, who move frequently during the night and require added flexibility. The adhesive included with the nostril covering DreamPorts is designed to hold firmly and be gentle at the same time, keeping the mask in place while you move about.

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