AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask with three sizes of nasal pillows (S, M, & L)

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ResMed devised the P10 nasal pillow CPAP mask to be even quieter and lighter than their popular Swift FX nasal pillow mask. The P10 arrives with three sizes of nasal pillows and headgear with a split strap design. Weighing in at just 1.6 ounces, the three-piece nasal pillow CPAP mask with headgear is barely noticeable against the face and nose. The mask easily slips on and stays in place thanks to an auto-adjusting fit. It also won a RedDot award in 2014 for its ultra-light, ultra-quiet design.


  • Minimalist three-piece design
  • Quiet and lightweight
  • Split strap headgear

Three-part construction keeps it simple

With just three parts to keep up with, assembly, fitting, and cleaning are all worry-free. The mask frame and flexible tubing are molded into one integrated piece. The nasal pillows clip in quickly and have markers for the left and right orientation. The QuickFit elastic headgear has a split strap that slips quickly over the head and auto-adjusts to the individual’s head circumference. The split straps can be moved closer together or farther apart to fine-tune the fit of the nasal pillows in the nose and against the face.


This mask introduces ResMed’s trademarked QuietAir woven vent meshing that directs exhaled airflow quietly away from the user and bed partner. It is so quiet that you might even wonder if your CPAP machine is on. Of course, everyone sleeps better with a quiet mask!

Nasal pillows

The mask comes with three sizes of nasal pillows (S, M, & L) to allow the user to determine the best size for them at home in their own bed. An XS pillow is also available separately if needed. The pillows have a dual cushion design that augments comfort and seal. The nasal pillows seal on contact and provide “trampoline action,” bouncing with the wearer during movement so that they stay in place without excessively tight headgear.

Sizing and Fitting

The nasal pillows should fit comfortably at the entrance to the nose. The silicone tips should fill the nostrils without spilling over. Choose the largest size that fits snugly without bulging. This mask comes with small, medium, and large nasal pillows. One of these three sizes fits most people, but an XS pillow is also available separately if needed.


  • Hold the nasal pillows in the nose with one hand.
  • Pull the bottom strap of the split strap headgear behind the head.
  • Position the top strap of the split strap headgear at the crown of the head.
  • Pull the nasal pillows away from the face then reseat them in the nostrils.
  • Move the split straps closer together for a tighter fit or farther apart for a looser fit.
  • Connect the flexible tubing on the mask to the CPAP machine.

Adjusting for leaks and comfort

  • Verify that the pillows are inserted correctly. The right side needs to be in the right nostril. The pillows have a slight upward angle to hold them in the nostrils, so proper orientation in the mask is essential for a good fit.
  • Adjust the headgear by moving the split straps closer together.
  • Squeeze pillow sides to be sure the inner wall is in the correct position.
  • Clean the nasal pillows. Oil, dirt, and makeup can cause slippage.
  • Wash the headgear to return it to its original size if it gets too loose.
  • Try a different size of nasal pillows.
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